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Segunda-feira, 04 de Dezembro de 2017


           And almost 7 years have gone by. Its immensely amusing to re-read my attempt at super eloquency in idealist speech. It's not that I've changed in ways that are that significant so I should, I'm thinking, come back to dwellings on this blog - I really like the format of these posts and how kindly pretentious it all is.

           I'm currently on therapy, 4 sessions and on going. It's a pleasurable process, even when it's not, given one finds a competent compatible therapist, but it's expensive af. Nonetheless I'm quite grateful for that so, resuming somewhat the SLList I'm grateful for starting to take my head out of my ass through psych conselling by a professional.

           This time of year, provided I'm not majorly in a self-centered cocoon of depression, is always a great time given - no, not thanksgiving foods and halloween celebrations, not that I live in North America 'cause they are not that jolly here - the musical group's anniversary in the hometown. I used a masculine-designed attire this year because I had the chance to do it and I was much more confident than I have ever been on stage with having put that on. Also from the years and lack of expectation I supose. I'm stil thankful for that; it's a confort to revisit these celebrations taking an active role yet another year but I wasn't doing it for myself really, and that made all the difference.

           As a corrolary, I'm glad I'm doing little self-care stuff that is really important.

           I'm always thankful to net neutrality! May it last long enough that I have the time to learn to highjack some military grade satellite connection for internet; a skill that should be a priority for me given it's useful in the event of an apocalypse of any sort, so I should get on with that.

           Being back on social media after some hiatus is being an okay thing. It's not at a level where it's too excessive. Given it came as an effort not to shy away from the people who love and support me, whom I was selfishly neglecting to include in my life in any capacity given how guilt-riden I felt the past few years.

           And these past few days I'm particularly fond of my sibling. Cinnamon roll, too good, too pure.

           Inês and I are apparently in joy for memories past and the rekindling they bring even with distance.

✎ Someone else's wordings

           "We have a saying, my people. 'Don't kill if you can wound, don't wound if you can subdue, don't subdue if you can pacify, and don't raise your hand at all until you've first extended it.'"

           Also the sentence that titles this post, it's from the 25th 2008 comic issue of Wonderwoman. Please read DC, don't watch it.


Harmonious rhythm
this might be my favourite song, noted that it is a Mulligan et al. arrangement on Chopin's


A Must Read 
(this brings me to my next point which is gay - an iconic sentence by zor-elluthor, aplicable here)
for other dear fans of
beautifully engrossing f/f fiction; out there fixing the Arrow universe, it is one of the best things of ever and ever and ever


           See you next week.

 não me apetece traduzir isto, desculpem.